London Fashion Week AW22: Ethnic Revival to Showcase at Fashion Show Live

Fashion Show Live During London Fashion Week AW22

Ethnic Revival resides in the principle of promoting ethnic diversity through Fashion using traditional fabrics mixed with modern lines from Africa, Asia and Europe and much more. The brand’s goal is to create designs which conciliate cultural heritage, current trends, innovation and comfort and singularity. Each of their creation represents a story, a trip, fairy tale.

The story of ethnic revival began in 2016 during a trip to Salvador de Bahia in Brazil. Fascinated by the local population’s demand for colourful African fabric, the young entrepreneur and designer Marc Bell decided to launch a social project that would be attached to the clothing brand in order to travel and positively influence the world. Using traditional fabrics from around the globe to highlight ethnic diversity, promote peace and create a community of global citizens proud of their origins and embracing different cultures while maintaining tolerance as a way of life.
Ethnic Revival is a melting pot of material, culture and style. Everyone will find their identifications in Marc Bell’s Design. 

MarcBell – Ethnic Revival will showcase their latest collection during our London Fashion Week AW22 show on February 19th at the Kia Oval Cricket Stadium.

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