London Fashion Week AW22: Arsene Hako to Showcase at Fashion Show Live

Arsene Hako is an enthusiastic young man, born in Cameroon to two teachers and a household of five children.

He spent his early years in the city of Yaounde,, where he had primary and secondary education. By his own admission, Hako had a pretty turbulent childhood. He was not so good at school, and had to constantly face the dissatisfaction of his friends and relatives, This in a family where his elder brothers were straight A students.

Most of his relatives, especially his parents, were very concerned about his future, as they saw in him bleak prospects ahead. This was because, in Africa, going to school is mostly thought to be the only right way to guarantee a bright future.

Arsene Hako suffered the pain of always thinking that he was good at nothing, and was meant to be a failure. From a young age, Arsene had started getting interested in fashion and design. This came as a result of watching videos of well-dressed Youtubers, and wanting to be like them.

Soon enough, He created his own Youtube channel and started making content centred on motivation in order to
realise what was for him a dream by then.

He quickly faced a problem; a realisation that if he wanted to be like his favourite youtubers, he had to dress like them. Unfortunately, he didn’t have enough money to buy himself the sort of outfits that his favourite Youtubers worn. So he decided to start learning how to design and sew dresses. It took him three months of hard work to finally be able to successfully make his first suit.

At first, when his parents found out he was sewing his own clothes, they were opposed to the idea as they felt it might distract from his school work . But, as they started seeing what he was able to come up with,
they slowly began believing in his dream.

Today, Hako runs his own new eponymous brand, carrying with it the hope of all those who have dreams but are too afraid to start working towards them, or are discouraged by others to do so. The fashion label ‘Arsene Hako’ is meant to show that it is possible to achieve great things, even if no one believes in you.

Arsene Hako will showcase a new collection during our London Fashion Week AW22 show on February 19th at the Kia Oval Cricket Stadium.

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