Announcing Sayna London to our show on the 12th June show for London Fashion Week

SAYNA LONDON is British luxury silk accessories, based in London, Converting Art to Wearable Art in the form of silk scarves and neckties.

Sayna the designer and founder of SAYNA LONDON believes we can make the world a colourful place, one colourful design at a time! She designs for those who love to be noticed, shine and stand out from the crowd. Her vibrant, elegant and sustainable wearable art is her gift to the world. Sayna launched her “Migration Collection” in 2020. Migration collection is all about transformation, “Rising Like A Phoenix” and becoming the best version of ourselves. Her collection is inspired by her journey of moving to the UK to follow her passion and chase her dreams. She believes we all have a Phoenix inside us therefore she dedicates her colourful collection to strong women who have gone through challenges, with each challenge they grow, adjust their crown and move forwards, those women who live with passion and have big dreams, they believe in themselves and are born to rise and shine!

The “flying bird with spread wings” in SAYNA’s design represents those who always “Fly High”! The Bird is flying towards creating a better world, a world full of colour, joy and beauty . SAYNA LONDON’s 100% silk scarves ( ART Scarves) are designed with passion and love in London. Each scarf is a piece of art, a mix of hand painting and digital illustrations artworks with a beautiful story behind it. They are crafted in limited edition in Como-Italy with finest silk by professional Italian artisans ethically, sustainably and eco friendly. What makes the pieces so unique is the deep print penetration for a reflection of gorgeous double sided look, plus the hand rolled edge details which are nicely finished with thousands of same size hidden stitches, all made professionally by hand to make a woman feel elegant, luxurious and beautiful. SAYNA Wearable Art follows a slow fashion approach. The materials, processes and packaging are responsible and eco-loving because we love our planet and all the creatures on it.